Developer: Martin Schubert
Created: December 22, 2014
Requires: Windows, Oculus Rift/HTC Vive

This virtual reality app requires the use of an HTC Vive or Oculus Rift, a mounted Leap Motion Controller (using the VR Developer Mount or unofficial alternative), and the Leap Motion Orion software.


  • A variety of artifacts to nudge, poke and interact with, both human and nonhuman
  • Nonhuman tech (Grav Tech) which can empower your suit with new abilities
  • Functional, in-game music module lets you skip, rewind, pause or resume the current track
  • Beautiful soothing soundtrack by Chris Zabriskie

Global Keyboard Shortcuts:

1 – Load Main Menu
2 – Load Story Mode
3 – Load Sandbox Mode
4 – Load Training Room
P – Enable/Disable Pinching to create black holes ability
R – Recenter Camera (Rift Only)
Up/Down Arrow – Manually raise or lower the camera rig (useful to calibrate floor)
Esc – Quit

Story Mode:

Inspect space debris and sort artifacts into ‘Human’ and ‘Non-human’ hatches in a short narrative experience. Look up and activate the holographic buttons above your sleeping quarters to begin your day.

Sandbox Mode:

Cut straight to the action with your suit’s thrusters active, a cabin already full of objects and the ability to create black holes just by pinching with both of your hands close together.

Training Room:

In the Training Room your goal is to destroy all the targets in the shortest amount of time. Projectiles will only destroy targets of the same color so aim with intention. There are 5 levels which increase in difficulty and the best times for each level are saved locally. The last level, level X, has no objective besides tearing the gold cloth to pieces as many times as you like.

Choose a level and hit ‘Begin’ to start the clock and activate your projectiles. Try grabbing the projectiles by their indentations as though they were real solid objects rather than closing your hand completely inside them:

This will make it much easier to throw them. Experiment with different throwing styles; flicking your wrist, frisbeeing or tomahawking are all valid ways of hitting the targets.

Once you’ve let go of the projectile you can pinch with either hand to summon a sci-fi steering interface. Drag while still pinching to add directional thrust to the projectile and steer it into the targets.

Once you’ve got a feel for it try increasing the Pinch Thruster Strength for more extreme curves and angles. If you think the thruster direction should be flipped you can switch it using the Pinch Thruster Invert toggle.


A meditative virtual reality experience about inspecting space debris in a weightless environment.

‘Good morning commander.’

You roll over and yawn.

‘Good morning, computer,’ you mumble into the ship’s dark cabin.

‘Shall we start the day?’

‘Only if we start it right.’

You engage the start up sequence and the soothing sound of Chris Zabriskie’s piano fills the metal and plastic space.

The exterior window shutters lurch into motion and mechanically shuffle open.

Light reflecting off a nearby planet pours into the cabin revealing the space you call home.

You put out your arms and push off gently towards the center console.

A new day.

A new collection of debris to inspect.

A new set of artifacts to discover.

Created by Martin Schubert