Developer: enzophoenix
Created: May 31, 2016
Requires: Windows, Oculus Rift

This virtual reality app requires the use of an HTC Vive or Oculus Rift, a mounted Leap Motion Controller (using the VR Developer Mount or unofficial alternative), and the Leap Motion Orion software. It has not been tested on the latest V4 beta.

Wave Magic is a spell fighting arcade style game where you survive fighting waves of robots until they finally overwhelm you. Before going into battle you equip a spell to each hand. Each robot destroyed gives you points, see how many you can destroy before you fall.

Download the free version here, or support the developer on Steam! The Steam version has been massively updated with new spells and an explorable overworld.

How to Use the Free (Old) Version

Demo 0.3 Changelog

  • Added Recenter Button: Spacebar.
  • Added ultimate spell: light balls spawn in the air now during the game. If You’re hit with a projectile they will float to the player and grant 1 ult power. If the player collects 3 orbs they can place their hands on the ground to activate “Explosion” which will destroy all currently living enemies and use up all ult power.
  • Added level up system. Your experience gained from each round will now level you up. You can track your level and Exp on the “Customize Talents” screen.
  • Added talent customization. While leveling up you will earn talent points which can be used to buy passive bonuses. You can only equip 1 at the beginning but over time will unlock more talent slots.
  • Added + 2 HP Talent and faster light ball spawn rate talent.
  • Spells will no longer fire if your palm is open when you bring your hands into view from out of frame.
  • Earth wall now will only rise as long as your palm is open allowing for variable height.
  • Added death sound.
  • Fixed quit button.
  • Flamethrower does more damage.
  • Reduced the time it takes for harder enemies to start spawning on Desert.
  • Added one melee enemy spawner behind player that spawns an enemy very infrequently.
  • Added Gimble Mode.

How to Play

  • Simply open up your palm to fire the spell you have equipped in that hand.
  • The speed of the projectile is controlled by the speed of you palm.
  • For this demo it’s important that you have Fireball equipped in at least one hand or else you will not be able to hit ranged enemies. This is because blink is not implemented yet.
  • You can block projectiles with your hands.
  • You can kill enemies by punching them.

Note: the ‘Exit’ button in the app doesn’t work, press ALT+F4 to exit. Spell selections can be assigned to either hand, but must be selected with your Right hand through the menu.