Developer: Prefrontal
Created: July 14, 2017
Requires: Windows, Leap Motion V2 or Orion

Touch It, Strum It, Bend It

Veil is a musical instrument. Thin fabric spans in front of you; touch it, strum it, bend it, the fabric responds and generates a sound. A continuous feedback process happens between your movements and the simulated movements of the veil. It’s an experiment – do today’s improvements in input device accuracy allow for a new kind of virtual instrument, which relies on visual instead of acoustic feedback?

A Real Instrument

Veil won’t hold you back in making the music you want. It’s a keyboard, it’s a guitar, it’s a violin, it’s a harmonica and it’s totally different. If the provided key layouts don’t suit you, just create your own!

Veil is neither a high-tech noise maker nor an ever-good-sounding toy. It’s a real instrument, and as such requires practice to achieve virtuosity.


  • switchable note layouts
  • configurable MIDI output including pitch-bend messages (yay!)
  • graphics that use the power of DX11
  • realtime sound synthesis (no samples)


  • Open the menu by clapping your hands or moving your mouse.
  • After some practice, improvise together with a guitar, this sounds amazing.
  • Try different playing techniques. With every person playing on veil, a new style is invented.
  • Check that “Tool Tracking” is actually enabled in your Control Panel.


At veil’s homepage, there is a tutorials section. There you can find recordings of different styles and playing techniques. You’ll also find explanations for the different key layouts and a guide on how to create your own.