Developer: Project TAKT
Created: November 1, 2017
Requires: OSX

Welcome to the world of TAKT – RHYTHM!

“TAKT – RHYTHM” is a music game that uses the Leap Motion Controller to play in musical space. When three kinds of notes flowing from the back of the screen overlap the “Tactical Line,”move move your hand to hit them. Reach 70% or greater to complete each track.

In addition to arrangements for classical songs, recorded songs include VOCALOID, arranged songs from the Touhou Project, and more.

You can play various songs, aim for high scores of your favorite songs, and collecting titles and other ways of playing. Learn more at the Project TAKT website.

A Windows version of TAKT – RHYTHM is also available.


「TAKT-RHYTHM」は手と指の動きを認識することのできる”LeapMotion Controller” を使用した、「空間を操作する」まさに新感覚の音楽ゲームです。