Developer: Flow
Created: June 29, 2017
Requires: Windows/Mac, Leap Motion V2 or Orion

NOTE: This app uses features which may not work properly with the Orion beta software. If you encounter issues, you may wish to use our older V2 software.

Change How You Think About Junk

All kinds of junk clutters up our lives. In Sortee, you sort these ordinary items into categories. Sounds easy, right? Well, what color is an apple: red or green? How many legs does a seahorse have? Is an igloo cold, or round, or somebody’s home — or all three? When you start to think about it, even the simplest objects are defined by more than meets the eye.

Sortee is a fast-paced puzzle game that tests your perception of everyday objects. As each item appears on the screen, swipe your finger in the air to flick it into the right bin. Think fast: you have just a few seconds to sort it out. Only players with the sharpest brains and quickest fingers will succeed!


  • 400 hand-drawn items that fit within 100+ categories
  • 51 increasingly challenging levels that make you think deeply about objects and their meanings
  • 3 game modes: “classic” for a relaxed pace, “fast” for extra challenge and “kids” for educational


  • English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese