Built a cool game, project, or code sample using Leap Motion technology? We’d love to see it! Share your project on the Leap Motion Gallery.

Notes for Submitters

  • If your project is already shared through your own website or Steam, we can link to it there. Hosting your project on the Leap Motion Gallery is optional.
  • If you have binary files and/or videos that aren’t already hosted online, you can email them using a service like WeTransfer to developer-gallery@leapmotion.com. That’s also where you can reach us if you have any problems with your gallery submission.
  • The best Gallery submissions are compelling and innovative, offering something new to the community. At a minimum, VR projects should work as intended, with clearly defined interactions and coherent user experience (see Weightless or Geometric as examples.) For more insights, see our Explorations in VR Design.

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