Developer: GameDesk
Created: October 20, 2015
Requires: Windows

Funded by the National Academy of Sciences and National Science Foundation with a focus on Geoscience/Planetary Science.

GeoMoto is an embodied learning experience where players kinesthetically create geographic features by pulling, smashing, and grinding tectonic plates together. Using the Leap Motion Controller, players navigate around a planet devoid of geographic features. Players will complete objectives and generate produce the motion of the plates using hand gestures through the responsive motion sensor technology. Initial challenges focus on exposure to the vocabulary surrounding plate tectonics, with later levels requiring specific observations about the structures created from the plate collisions. The game uses this same level progression to guide students in learning about earthquakes and faults. The game can be played by an individual student, or facilitated by a teacher to provide hands-on learning opportunities appropriate to standard curriculum.

Learning through action

  • Interactive animation based learning allows students to physically move plate tectonics and observe the resulting features on the planet’s surface for an embodied learning experience.
  • Linking tactile actions to learning objectives—resulting in greater understanding and retention of complex material.
  • Scaling difficulty introduces new concepts fluidly and later tests understanding through application.
  • Manipulate plates to cause convergent, divergent, and transform plate boundaries and witness resulting rift valleys, subduction zones, volcanoes and more.

If your Leap Motion Controller is not recognized you may need to close and relaunch the app as an Administrator.