Developer: Emantras
Created: June 29, 2017
Requires: Windows/Mac, Leap Motion V2

NOTE: This app uses features which may not work properly with the Orion beta software. If you encounter issues, you may wish to use our older V2 software.

Forget the Formaldehyde!

The Frog Dissection App is an ethical and educative alternative to live animal dissections. Examine 3D models of organs and experience the lifecycle of your amphibian subject with fun and intuitive controls. Now your students can learn all about frogs and their biological functions, without the messy lab work or controversial questions.


  • Explore the life-cycle of fascinating amphibians from tadpole to toad
  • Individual 3-D organ views and information
  • Dissection tools like pins, marker, scissors, scalpel, and forceps
  • Detailed labels, information on lifecycle , and organ functions
  • Anatomical comparison of human and frog organs