Developer: Hochschule Kempten
Created: January 10, 2018
Requires: Windows

A drop falling down into an endless universe of colors and lights – trying to avoid luminous obstacles and collecting enigmatic items.

First Use:

  • Main menu can be controlled with gestures
  • Point gesture to move the cursor
  • Move your thumb to your index finger to click

See the hand controls guide included with your download.

Game Elements

Falling and falling and falling…

  • Control a waterdrop with the Leap Motion Controller through a giant pipe
  • Collect items to gain energy and water

Collect your little friends!

  • By collecting Mini-Droppys you stay alive and get new water

Your weapon to stay alive in the universe!

  • Shoot a laser to destroy obstacles
  • Choose between three colors

Collect them to get new shooting energy!

  • Energyspheres gain shooting energy depending on color
  • White energyspheres gain energy to each color

Avoid or attack – you decide!

  • Destroy obstacles with the right color
  • Hitting an obstacle makes you lose water

Black Holes
Mysterious and… attractive

  • A black hole pulls you in if you get too close
  • Onces being attracted it absorbs all energy of a color

Keep as far away from it as possible!

  • Levellaser are rotating in the pipe
  • Hitting the levellaser will make you lose water

The dead will come sooner

  • Use a higher degree of difficulty


  • Functional but only local and in beta version

You can find everything about the game controls in the sub menu “controls”

Developed by: Fabian Gulde, Georg Steinhauser, Kevin Schliecker, Niklas Kiefl, Robin Mueller, Sara Muhziroglu, Tobias Schwarz
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Bernd Dreier
Game Engineering
Hochschule Kempten – University of Applied Sciences

Music and sound produced by BlackVision – Robin Mueller (Creative Common Licence: CC BY-NC-ND)

For questions please contact: