Developer: Funktronic
Created: June 30, 2017
Requires: Windows/Mac, Leap Motion V2 or Orion

You’re timetraveling, but you simply don’t care cuz you feel so dang sexy.

Note: Collider does not yet work well with Leap Motion Orion, our new software designed specifically for Virtual Reality. If you would like to use Collider we recommend running it with the latest V2 version of the Leap Motion Software.

The funky friends of Funktronic Labs bring you yet another motion-controlled interactive audiovisual experience!

Collider puts you in the place of a particle as it accelerates through the supercollider and bends space and time. Use both of your hands to warp your face with synth sounds and generative visuals. And don’t forget to put on your Oculus Rift VR (if you have one)!

Collaboration with Japanese multimedia artist Baiyon.

  • Oculus Rift VR support (DK1 and DK2. Requires Leap Motion VR mount)
  • Generative visuals
  • Unique gestural controls via LEAP Motion Controller
  • Supergalatic sounds by Baiyon
How to Use for Oculus VR
  • Windows – Move screen to Oculus view. Press ALT+ENTER to enter fullscreen.
  • MacOSX – Press ⌘F to fullscreen