Developer: door2windows
Created: August 29, 2017
Requires: Windows, Leap Motion V2

AeroTouch lets you easily configure different gestures to perform any action for any app.

For example, a swipe up gesture can maximize the active window while a swipe down can minimize it.

AeroTouch gives you endless possibilities, you can configure it to your liking to play a game or do any task with simple hand gestures.

How To Use

Gestures (Fingers & Tools):

  • Circle
  • Swipe
  • Screen Tap
  • Key Tap
  • Hold
  • Move
  • Point


  • System
    • Open file
    • Open folder
    • Check screenshot #2 for all actions
  • Keyboard
    • Press key
    • Hold key
    • Release key
  • Mouse
    • Move cursor
    • Drag and drop
    • Left/middle/right click
    • Scroll up/down/left/right