Developer: door2windows
Created: August 29, 2017
Requires: Windows, Leap Motion V2

NOTE: This app uses features which may not work properly with the Orion beta software. If you encounter issues, you may wish to use our older V2 software.

AeroTouch lets you easily configure different gestures to perform any action for any app.

For example, a swipe up gesture can maximize the active window while a swipe down can minimize it.

AeroTouch gives you endless possibilities, you can configure it to your liking to play a game or do any task with simple hand gestures.

How To Use

Gestures (Fingers & Tools):

  • Circle
  • Swipe
  • Screen Tap
  • Key Tap
  • Hold
  • Move
  • Point


  • System
    • Open file
    • Open folder
    • Check screenshot #2 for all actions
  • Keyboard
    • Press key
    • Hold key
    • Release key
  • Mouse
    • Move cursor
    • Drag and drop
    • Left/middle/right click
    • Scroll up/down/left/right