Developer: Acoustica
Created: June 29, 2017
Requires: Windows/Mac, Leap Motion V2

NOTE: This app uses features which may not work properly with the Orion beta software. If you encounter issues, you may wish to use our older V2 software.

What does AeroMIDI do?

AeroMIDI allows you to use your hands in 3D space to trigger notes and MIDI continuous controller messages. AeroMIDI works with any MIDI software or hardware! Control synthesizers, lighting rigs, DAWs, effects, virtual instruments, and any other MIDI-capable hardware or software with AeroMIDI!

Ever had the desire to control more than two knobs at a time? With AeroMIDI, you can control six expression parameters with just one hand. Or use both hands and control 12 expression parameters at one time. Add in cubes or zones and you can trigger events, beats or notes. Perform a gesture, such as a two-fingered swipe to the left and, suddenly, you have a whole new mode or set of expression controls and MIDI actions.

AeroMIDI is the virtual 3D glue between your music and your hands. Prepare to create and shape music in a whole new way.


  • Move and rotate your hand & finger movements into MIDI with incredibly low latency.
  • Play notes by triggering 3D zones.
  • Perform gestures to send MIDI data or switch modes.
  • Configurable 3D cubes let you build your own custom controller interface.
  • Simultaneously control MIDI expression parameters in the three dimensions (left to right, front to back and top to bottom)
  • Control MIDI expression by rotating your hand around the three axes (roll, pitch and yaw)
  • Works with any MIDI software or MIDI hardware

Use examples include:

  • Starting and stopping (retriggering) music loops.
  • Beat juggling by moving or rotating your hands.
  • Controlling any synthesizer or effect parameters such as resonance, glide or a dubstep wobble.
  • Control MIDI enabled lighting equipment and visualizers.
  • Playing notes and chords