Developer: user-295940283
Created: October 25, 2016
Requires: Windows, Oculus Rift

This virtual reality app requires the use of an HTC Vive or Oculus Rift, a mounted Leap Motion Controller (using the VR Developer Mount or unofficial alternative), and the Leap Motion Orion software. It has not been tested on the latest V4 beta.

This work is a series of seven short-form VR experiences that explore a selection of various interactive mechanics, specific to the spatial medium. It was completed as a part of the joint final thesis project by Eugene Krivoruchko and Ilja Burzev. See full description with video here.

In order to advance to the next scene – clap your hands. You can as well use the keys 0–7 to navigate to a particular scene. This build unfortunately does not fully support HTC Vive (it works but camera height settings are off in several scenes).